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Enable subscriptions on your website with our simple but powerful service

Excalibur is a platform for digital content providers. It empowers any websites or mobile apps with subscription features. Any site, large or small, can use Excalibur to easily build a new revenue stream from paid content. While you are still free to earn money from advertising anywhere on your site. Its been proven that a simple paid content plan can quickly surpass what you can earn from advertising, even if you’re only selling access to a small percentage of your site’s content.

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Excalibur Subscription Service

Our approach is simple, create a subscriptions service that is easy to install and just works. Our system works with your site without directly integrating into it so that it keeps you free from customizing anyway you want. We add new features based on feedback from clients so that we have functionality that make sense for you to grow your revenue. Below is a list of some of our many features that make us stand out from the rest.

Some of our Unique Features:

  • Easy user migration
  • Attractive sign up process with social media login feature
  • Enable/Disable Paywall anytime
  • Exclude/Include pages or sections
  • Subscription can be created on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly or forever basis
  • Serves for multicurrency /languages
  • Create staff or free users for your organization
  • Customer service dashboard to easily assist your customers ( refund or upsell)
  • Quick auto billing or one time payment for PPV scenario
  • Google Pay/Apple Pay/Micrsoft Pay enabled by default
  • Use Stripe or Braintree as payment provider (more to be added on requests)
  • Restrict  paid user sessions to avoid abuse
  • Mobile API available


Dynamic Paywall Mode

Excalibur can effortlessly display different campaign in different currency across the world, Or enable/disable the service based on visitor locations. Helping you convert more visitors.

Incognito Mode

Our Incognito mode feature works across browsers and sessions. Not even the new Google chrome update can stop it once turned on. Allowing you to better protect your content and convert more visitors.

Client/Customer Dashboard

Excalibur Dashboard allow client to change their settings at any time, create staff accounts, turn the paywall on or off, swap campaigns, issue refunds and more. Your customers can also login to update their infomation (passwords,credit/debit cards, cancel etc..).  The Dashboard currently comes in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) and more to be added.

Paid User Login Restriction

Excalibur has the ability to restrict how many paid sessions are allowed to have access. Reducing abuse and helping you convert more visitors.  You can configure how many times a paid user can login.

Social Media Tracking/Login

Excalibur can help you track your social media campaign and let you know how effective  each one is. Facebook and Google Login also available.

Simple Pricing

We only make money when you do and our model is tailored to help you grow. We use a revenue share model of  15% of your monthly revenue.  We charge a 500$ set up fee.

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