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Build a loyal audience based on your content

Excalibur is a platform for digital content providers. It empowers any websites or mobile apps with subscription features. Any site, large or small, can use Excalibur to easily build a new revenue stream from paid content. While you are still free to earn money from advertising anywhere on your site. Its been proven that a simple paid content plan can quickly surpass what you can earn from advertising, even if you’re only selling access to a small percentage of your site’s content. With our free trial,  you can be up and running in minutes.

Demo Site Wordpress/SquareSpace

Excalibur Subscription Service

Can a subscription service work for your website or mobile app? You can experiment with our free trial at no risk and find out.  NY Times and Wall Street Journals spent millions building and maintaining their own internal paywalls,  You can get the same benefit for free here. Below is a list of some of our many features that make us stand out from the rest.

Most site generate revenue using ads, but why not try subscriptions as well?

Android and iOS SDK

We are one of the few companies who provide an Android and  iOS SDK  for you to use in your mobile application.  You can empower your mobile devices with  different flow and campaigns than your website, as well different restrictions. We also support Itunes in-app purchase.

Dynamic Paywall Mode

Excalibur can effortlessly display different campaign in different currency across the world, Helping you convert more visitors.

Social Media Tracking

Excalibur can help you track your social media campaign and let you know how effective  each one is.

Safari Reader Paywall

Excalibur is the only system with a simple and easy to use solution to regain your lost revenue due to apple safari reader which disable all javascript and thus all other paywall systems.


Getting started is easy. We offer full support to get you up and running quickly, then you’re ready to start charging access to your content immediately. We only make money when you do.

No support or set up fee for limited time.

15%  revenue share – ( For example if you make 1000$ a month , we keep 150$ for server cost and maintenance).

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